Shubond -The perfect balance between hardness and elasticity

The most versatile glue used in the horse industry

We are pleased to introduce this month’s highlighted product: Shubond. This item strikes the perfect balance between hardness and elasticity. Bonds steel, aluminium and even urethane shoes. Suitable for repairing large cracks and creating a hoofwall reconstruction.

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The perfect balance betwen hardness and elasticity

Shubond brings a new era of efficiency and versatility in fast setting acrylic glue. The most versatile glue used in the horse industry. Thanks to its great features it’s mixable by hand or easy to use with Glue-U mixing tips for the perfect mixture.

High adhesion | Easy to rasp | Hard yet flexible | Accelerated setting time

The go-on solution

Versatility in application

Whether it’s steel, aluminum, or any type of glue-on shoe, Shubond delivers reliable bonding performance across a wide range of materials.

From small cracks to extensive repairs, Shubond excels in addressing a multitude of issues, making it an indispensable tool for professional farriers.

Download the Shubond E-book

The glue solution

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Before application
After application
Reliable performance

Bonds and repairs

Shubond’s versatility extends beyond traditional gluing tasks. In the equine industry, Shubond’s acrylic glue has earned a reputation as the go-to solution for a wide range of applications. From gluing on various types of shoes to repairing the most intricate hoof wall problems, Shubond proves its versatility again and again.

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