Battery Dispenser

Battery Dispenser for 150cc-250cc-310cc cartridges

Battery Dispenser

Battery Dispenser for 210cc cartridges

Battery Dispenser

Battery Dispenser for 380cc-420cc cartridges

Dispenser universal

150cc & 250cc dispenser

Dispenser 150cc

Glue-U 150 ml Dispenser

Dispenser for Shubond

Dispenser 200cc

Dispenser for 200cc glue

Dispenser 420cc

Glue-U 420 ml Dispenser

Dispenser for Shubond

Foam board

Glue-U Foampad

Self adhesive - 199 x 199 mm / 7.85 x 7.85”

Wrapping foil

Glue-U wrapping foil

Hoofwrap foil

Wrapping foil holder

Glue-U wrapping foil holder

Hoofwrap foil holder


Glue-U Heater

Accessories Glue heating box 12V, 110V & 220V


Glue-U Mesh

For cushion | 2500 x 200 mm / 98.5 x 7.9”

Mixing tip

Glue-U Mixers

Green square mixing tip

Mixertip 200cc

Green 200cc mixing tip


Aceton free hoof cleaner


Glue-U Spacertape

Hold space between hoof and shoe

Shufit dye

Glue-U Shufit Dye

Dye beige Shufit black

Frog support

Universal GluShu frog support

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