Glue-U’s application managers are continiously travelling to demonstrate our products during farrier and hooftrimmer events worldwide.

If you are interested to host an event and like to book a Glue-U and GluShu demo, fill in the contact form below and our representative will contact you soon.

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Organise or attend a hands-on workshop near you.

Depending on the free spots in our busy travelling schedule we will be happy to come over and do hands-on workshops with you and your colleagues learning the basics of modern farrier techniques or get a master class if you already have some experience with our products.

For bookings fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you in the next days.

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Glue-U is regularly attending most visited farrier and hoof trimmer events in your region.

Visit our booth stand to learn more about our products and start your first Glue-U or Glushu experience.

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Education without application is just entertainment

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