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Since 2006 Glue-U Adhesives produces innovative products used for modern farrier techniques. Starting from acid free silicone to urethane and acrylic pour-in and glue products we keep on innovating farrier products in a way they are safe and easy to use. Using the most advanced chemicals globally available we reach results never seen in the horse industry before and keep on bringing new possibilities for farriers to use in their daily work.



Every horse deserves the best care. In a world where we ask the best performance of horses we also need to give the best support and help them when hoof problems occur. Following our philosophy ‘Together we take care of your horse’ we are dedicated to educate and assist you finding the most suitable products for every purpose. Glue-U offers modern materials for farriers to create more comfort for the horse in order to reach higher performance or to help any injured horse recovering from its lameness.



Glue-U products are all Dutch engineered in cooperation with specialized chemists focussed on the practical application in the agricultural sector. No mather if it’s the most advanced acrylic or urethane glue used for hoof repairs and extensions, a fast setting urethane pour-in, an acid free liquid or mix by hand silicone; we offer the most complete product range in this segment of the farrier’s job. Glue-on shoes and any byproduct needed for a proper application are also part of the program.



All Glue-U products are manufactured in Europe and USA using state of the art machinery. During the manufacturing process several inspections take place to ensure the highest performance of your prefered product. We use green energy in our manufacturing facilities and try to work as environmental friendly as possible. Your products are daily made with great care by our passionate team.

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