Application instructions

Using Glushu glue-on horseshoes for the first time? In this video Roy Verocay shows you the basics of a Glushu application.

Glushu is a great alternative for every situation where nailing on a horseshoe is risky or impossible. With modern farrier techniques many farriers are now able to help more serious cases in a simple way.


Modification instructions

Check out some options for modifying a standard Glushu to an orthopedic glue-on horseshoe.

In this particular case Roy Verocay wants to relieve stress on the deep flexer for a chronical foundered horse. As a result he will be able to walk again.

The glue on shoe can be modified to a horseshoe with more break-over or frog support, a reverse horseshoe, heartbar shoe, etc…


Removal instructions

For an easy and safe removal of your Glushu glue-on horseshoes it’s best to use a drawknife. In this video Roy Verocay shows how to remove Glushus in a proper way without damaging any hoofwall.

For damaged hoofs it’s very important to maintain the strength of the hoofwall when replacing your Glushu.

Glushu manual

The manual you need to see. Take a look at every step you have to take in the process and find out how easy it is!


Click the link! Download our GluShu manual.


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See what Glue-U can offer to bring your farrier work to the next level. Get to know all product specifications and possible applications.


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The most common asked questions. If your question is not answered below please contact us and we will do all we can to help you.

Do they stay on in mud?

Emphatically yes! We have kept GluShu shoes on horses that have been kept out for the whole winter… in very deep mud.

How well do they wear?

We use a robust aluminium shoe that is both light and has excellent wear characteristics. A Glushu will last at least 6 weeks the same as an aluminum nail on shoe.

Even after loosing the rubber layer, the Glushu will perfect;y stay on the hoof until the aluminum shoe is worn out.

Are they difficult to get off?

One of the great features of GluShu is that it stays where you left it …on the foot and is easily removed with normal farrier tools! For more info about the removal of a Glushu check our instruction video.

Does the glue damage the feet?

Shubond glue is a hoof filler and will not damage the hoof. This has been one of the most amazing features of using GluShu…the feet are not only protected by the GluShu but after even only a few shoeings the feet in many cases have improved significantly.

Shubond glue is 95% as strong as a hoofwall. In the unlikely event of an accident the glue will break or come off. Not the hoofwall. However be careful with weak hoofwalls anyway.

Is it messy?

The simple answer to this is “it can be”! But as the glue can be filed off the cuff even the most messy of applications after a few strokes with the rasp can transform a “messy job” to a very acceptable appearance. Always work well organized, make sure there is a waste bin around to keep your workspace clean and organized.

Are Glushu reusable?

Glushu can only be used once as the removal process involves cutting away the cuff.

How do I measure the size I need?


MINI WIDTH (mm) WIDTH (inch) HEEL-TOE (mm) HEEL-TOE (inch)
Mini 75 75mm 3" 70mm 2, 3/4"
Mini 85 85mm 3, 1/2" 80mm 3, 1/4"
Mini 95 95mm 3, 3/4" 90mm 3, 1/2"


FRONTS WIDTH (mm) WIDTH (inch) HEEL - TOE (mm) HEEL - TOE (inch)
5x0 105mm 4, 1/8" 108mm 4, 1/4"
4x0 113mm 4, 1/2" 113mm 4, 1/2"
3x0 120mm 4, 3/4" 120mm 4, 3/4"
00 125mm 5" 125mm 5"
0 135mm 5, 1/4" 130mm 5, 1/8"
1 140mm 5, 1/2" 135mm 5, 1/4"
2 145mm 5, 3/4" 140mm 5, 1/2"
3 150mm 6" 145mm 5, 3/4"
4 155mm 6, 1/4" 155mm 6, 1/4"
7 178mm 7" 180mm 7"
8 202mm 8" 204mm 8"


HINDS WIDTH (mm) WIDTH (inch) HEEL - TOE (mm) HEEL - TOE (inch)
4x0 108mm 4, 1/4" 116mm 4, 1/2"
3x0 112mm 4, 3/8" 122mm 4, 3/4"
00 120mm 4, 3/4" 125mm 5"
0 125mm 5" 130mm 5, 1/8"
1 130mm 5, 1/8" 138mm 5, 3/8"
2 138mm 5, 3/8" 143mm 5, 5/8"
3 143mm 5, 5/8" 150mm 5, 7/8"

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