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Is a silicone product to be used as hoofpad material, offering the farrier the advantage to prevent dirt clogging between sole and pad. Can only be used as filling.

Shupack sport foam is a plug and play sport foam used for light shock absorption or just giving more comfort to the average sport horse with just minimal weight increase. This easy to use foam product does not require more handling than any other auto-mix pour-in materials. In average it expands about 125%. Meaning just a bit less than half of the sole needs to be filled for a fully filled hoof.

Full filling
Setting time
2 minutes


with pads


Shupack Sport Foam



Application instructions

Roy Verocay shows a standard urethane application with mesh on a flat footed horse. Shupack Sport Foam pour-in pad material offers the support and protection this horse needs.

This product is one of the main products used in modern farrier techniques. Thanks to the adhesion to the hoof sole, no dirt can get in between sole and pad material.


Shupack features

Shupack Sport Foam pad material features briefly explained by Roy Verocay. A must have product to offer more comfort to the horse.

Whether the hoof should simply be filled, get more shock absorption or support to relieve stress on the hoofwall. Shupack Sport Foam can help any horse in any situation.

#Tips & Tricks

Shupack Tips & Tricks

Check out Peter’s Tips & Tricks for a step by step explanation how to use Shupack the right way.

Follow the easy steps to achieve the best glue result.


See what Glue-U can offer to bring your farrier work to the next level. Get to know all product specifications and possible applications.


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The most common asked questions. If your question is not answered below please contact us and we will do all we can to help you.

How much does the product expand?

Shupack sport foam expands about 125%. In practice this means you only fill up just a bit less than half of the hoof.

What is the setting time?

In average 2 minutes. However the setting time can vary due to weather circumstances.

Is the product sensitive to humidity in the air?

 Yes, all 2 component products are sensitive to humidity. In case of the Shupack sport foam higher humidity can increase the expansion. However the difference will be minor.

Can the expansion be influenced by adding some water drops?

No, due to the use of mixing tips the product is already active when coming out of the mixing tip and directly injected under the pad.

Can I mix Shupack sport foam by hand?

No. It’s absolutely necessary to apply the product using a suitable mixing tip.

Could the product be used in combination with medical products like for example a thrush product?

Yes, just make sure you have a good fixation on the pad since the product’s adhesion will be less to the sole.

Does Shupack sport foam affect the quality of the sole?

No. Not at all. In contrary sole and frog might even be better after removal of Shupack sport foam.

How long does this product stay in the hoof?

When applied in a correct way the product stays in the hoof for a complete shoeing period.

What type of pad do I use the best?

It’s recommended to use a flat pad. Due to the expansion feature of this product a frog support may not be filled 100%.

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