Mandatory Training Diisocyanates

Being your supplier for polyurethane products we like to inform you about the regulation issued by the European Union that everyone working with diisocyanates has to be trained for the safe use and handling of diisocyanates. Diisocyanates are chemicals which form the building blocks of polyurethane. Polyurethane is effectively derived from the chemical reaction between diisocyanates and polyols; when mixed together they polymerise. Polyurethanes would not exist without diisocyanates and polyols.

Since you use or sell polyurethane products you should know about the REACH restriction on diisocyanates.
For all users and resellers of our polyurethane products this means that officially the T-045 Level 1 general training should be completed before 24 August 2023. This general training is not difficult and can be done online via the link and 7 steps below.
The online training will be available in all European languages from early 2022 and only costs € 5.00 per person.

To register for the training follow the steps below:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on the register button
  3. Follow the steps of registration
    1. Only ticket is needed in step 2
    2. Complete payment and check out
  4. After receiving the Registration to 045 General Training confirmation mail you can access the training platform
    1. Scroll down in the confirmation mail and click Go to passport-events
  5. Click on the training and start training
    1. Pay attention during the training! There is a short quiz afterwards to be completed
    2. After completing the short quiz you can review your answers by clicking on ‘review quiz’
    3. Once you finished the training your certificate will be in the menu ‘certificates’. The certificate is valid for 5 years and can also be downloaded

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